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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta, andrea tantaros is in for her tonight goes "on the record" right now. >> a hollywood from hell for one u.s. marine. this is "on the record." >> a u.s. marine spending memorial day in a mexican prison. >> he just needs to stay alive so he can eventually have freedom. >> the tragic story of a marine trapped in mexico. then: >> there is nothing phony about this, the obama administration facing a serious scandal over veterans' healthcare. >> i'm more concerned with my job than i am with the healthcare of these veterans? that's not incompetence, that's criminal, that's criminal neglect. >> colonel oliver north standing by to go "on the record." also, a pregnant woman on death row. >> accused of being a
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christian. her husband is here and. >> air traffic control asleep at the switch, jumbo jet on a collision course. get ready for a jam packed "on the record" right now. >> hello, everybody, i'm andrea tantaros in for greta van susteren. up first tonight, a marine who served our country spending this memorial day behind bars in mexico. sergeant andrew tahmooressi has been held in a mexican prison since is he made a wrong turn at the border. that was almost two months ago. greta and the "on the record" team has been all over. this they went to mexico to investigate the marine's case. they found out just how confusing the tijuana border crossing is. in fact, they discovered that a flashing sign alerting drivers to the mexican border wasn't even there when the marine drove through it, which makes it even more obvious that the marine ended up in mexico accidently. former congressman allen west joins us now. so, congressman, we are coming up on memorial day.
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we have an american marine in a jailed prison. what kind of message does this send? especially amidst all controversy in the v.a. scandal about how we treat our active and past military members? >> well, it's good to be with you, andrea. the optics are absolutely horrible. you think about what has done with on with the veterans administration hospital and the fact that we have veterans that are dying because they are on a wait list. you talk about sergeant tahmooressi and his situation, which he even called on 911. we have the record of him calling the audiotape of him saying exactly what is happening. but, yet, you have the president of the united states of america who goes off to cooper's town ohio to visit the baseball hall of fame to talk about tourism and then goes off to new york city to do fundraisers. you have the secretary of state john kerry who was in mexico and could have just said "i will not leave until sergeant tahmooressi is released himself." so right now what we have is these very neutered pajama
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boy leaders faux leaders in obama and kerry, very embarrassing, a sad state of affairs that a marine is being detained, a combat veteran who could possibly be suffering from ptsd who is guilty of nothing. >> you know, congressman, i think a lot of the viewers myself included, feel that mexicans cross our border, often illegally, congress debates whether or not we should give them amnesty. they get healthcare and benefits and may even get american citizenship. when one of ours crosses accidently, not intentionally now he did break some laws by carrying these guns but he it is clear that he did. he gets thrown in prison. isn't there a problem with that? >> i have a huge problem with that first of all he did not break any laws. if there is any law that he broke, it's the law of a marine who got lost. he didn't have a good map and compass direction. those guns were registered. if anything, the mexican border police should have contacted the united states border police and said we have an individual, he made a wrong turn. we are going it meet you at
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the border and we are going to make sure that we escort him back across and they should have told him -- if you look at the manner of this situation, he is going to have a hearing on wednesday and they may possibly set some type of bail so that the mexican authorities can save some type of face. this is horrific. you already know about the story of 36,000 criminal illegal immigrants that were released by the obama administration. what message does that send to sergeant tahmooressi and his mother? >> now, you talked about this hearing and how they could ask for bail. isn't that what it is about though, congressman isn't this all about money? i remember geter the last time n mexico. they basically just want to shake you down for some mope. sergeant tahmooressi in this case broke a mexican law. sounds like they want to wheel and deal with the united states behind closed doors. do you think that is what the american government is doing? >> yes, this is extortion,
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there is no doubt about it sergeant tahmooressi had three registered guns as i said earlier and we have the tape of it. he called in to 911 to let them know exactly what was happening. so this is not something he was trying to smuggle guns. those guns were registered properly in the united states of america. he was not trying to hide any of his actions. and he it should have been a simple act of the mexican border police, border patrol, whatever agency turning him back over to the united states border patrol and not continue -- this has gone on for two months. it's absolutely heinous and appalling and unthennable. >> it is, congressman. thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thanks. >> sergeant tahmooressi. he is not the only one, drivers make mistakes at that same border crossing all the time. even members of mexican's border authority have mistakenly crossed into the u.s. the u.s. has not made a federal case out of it. why is this marine so differently. dominic, is this a common thing for americans to cross the border and then be
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thrown in jail? there are all sorts of issues that happen. the mexico does have an issue with the united states over guns, travel from u.s. to mexico and cause the crime situation there and particularly the drug situation there. so when an american comes across with three guns or they being registered in the united states. the mexicans don't take it lightly whatsoever. and they really do take issue of it. in many ways is he a scapegoat here. adding insult to injury here dre is that some members of the military have been found to wander across the border. they get picked up by the likes of the california border patrol who question them, have they really done this by mistake? they sort of weigh it off and go okay, we will let you back. don't do it again. of the americans rap it up very easily, use a lot of
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common sense. better law enforcement here. one of the problems in mexico is rule of law is not particularly strong here. over here we are much more professional about it it so when you get the likes of the mexican border patrols involved and then the mexican military involved, you know, they see a marine make a mistake. u.s. marine make a mistake. slim pickings, easy pickings and put him in a situation like they found today. andrea. >> dominic, there are thousands of americans in mexican prisons. are some americans in these mexican prisons for similar crimes like sergeant tahmooressi alleged by mexicans for firearms? are they drug charges? i was shocked at the number of how many are in jail. >> it is thousands. not good data because they are not good at keeping records. we have seen u.s. soldiers at least twice in the past two and a half years go into mexico accidently taking their weapons. it was a case of the guy
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in -- the case of the marine in florida who ended up being banged up for four months. he was actually tethered to his bed by his foot like a dog. he took intense diplomatic efforts and lobbying from the state department to get him freed. it's now two months for tam reissy. and john kerry was there just last week. nothing seemed to happen then. the mexicans, yes, perhaps caving in to all the media attention they are now getting we do believe this he does receive bail they might let him go if only to release their own embarrassment. andrea. >> several members of congress signed on to a letter demanding mexico's attorney general expedite the marine's case and initiate a dismissal of charges. former congressman is one of them from the marine's home state. he joins us now. congressman, i read the letter, what you have read from the state department, the obama administration, anything, can you tell us what's happening behind the
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scenes? >> andrea, this is not the only letter that's gone out. congressman duncan hunter has done a number of different letters. as of today at 4:00 p.m., zero. nothing. no response from the administration despite that the secretary of state was in mexico. all did he was check the box. hard to coon receive by the president of the united states while intervene personally when a police officer has an incident with a liberal professor. remember the whole beer summit you have a u.s. marine who has served two times in combat, the president of the united states doesn't seem to be concerned. the secretary of state checks the box. this is something that the president himself. the president himself should be contacting the president of mexico who should be demanding answers. should be doing everything he can to get this young man returned back to his family. and we can't even get letters, responded to,
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members of congress can't even get the administration to respond to our letters. >> do you think congressman more is happening behind the scenes? should we give the administration the benefit of the doubt? do you really think on this one they are really not focused on the specific marine incident and the best way is for people like to you come on shows like this and people like greta van susteren to cover stories like this because the administration just simply isn't paying attention? >> andrea, again, you know, we have seen the president when he does want to get involved get involved. i mentioned the case of the incident between the police officer and the left wing university professor with the president himself mention it, that had a beer summit. and, you know, that's what i'm asking. that's what we are asking. what are you doing? what are you going to do? you know, they know how to reach us. we are in washington, d.c. they have our cell phones. they can call us up and say hey, we are doing certain things. we are meeting. we need some help. can you help call the
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embassy? but nothing and, again, it's multiple letters. when the president wants to get involved, he gets involved. he gets involved in campaign issues. he, you know, directly personally gets involved in certain issues. but, for some reason, in this case, and in other cases that we have had similar to this, all we get from the administration is silence. and, you know, look, took weeks for the president to even acknowledge that there was a problem with the v.a. this young man, you know, this hero has been now in prison for two months. where is the president of the united states? >> i think a lot of people are are asking that, congressman diaz velar. you think he would have responded. when he was at the baseball hall of fame and speaking baseball dimension and speak out monday on memorial day. he has every opportunity to take to the bully pulpit but he hasn't yet. let's hope the public out there keeps the pressure on. thank you, congressman, for your time. >> thank you. >> now, to more on the v.a. healthcare scandal.
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lt. colonel oliver north blasting the u.s. senate for taking action on the washington redskins name controversy while blocking a bill to make it easier for the v.a. to fire people. colonel north joins us now. all right colonel, so the u.s. senate, as if they are not misdirected enough, decides to get in some pc red skin's name issue. really that's none of their business. instead of giving the v.a. the ability to hire and fire. what's going on? >> andrea, before they all went on vacation, harry reid had a chance to take action on one bill. the house had just passed by an overwhelming margin bipartisan a measure that would make it easier to hire and fire at the v.a. stop the process of repair that's so necessary for our veterans. what does harry reid do? he takes up the issue of changing the name of the washington redskins. this is why americans are just fed upiterally up to here with what's going on in
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this city. the veterans who are paying the price for it are in hospitals or can't even get seen in hospitals because this is an administration. we heard from the president the other day. he says i will get accountability. i will hold people responsible. i'm personally as the commander and chief the guy you count on but we have got an investigation underway. we he have to wait until it's finished. we have heard that same hollow rhetoric in the irs case, in benghazi, and originally in fast and furious has anybody been held accountable in any of those? does anyone really expect this administration is going to do anything to fix the v.a.? my admonition to the american people, if you know a veteran, you go help them because that person going into a v.a. hospital may not come out alive. that's what they have shown us. >> you mentioned that you went to a v.a. hospital, you weren't told about your cancer, you almost died because of the v.a. hospital. i would be curious to know what you think the president should do? the way to fix the v.a.?
4:14 pm
what's the best way to fix this big government run healthcare bureaucracy? >> yeah. let me just make sure we got this straight. because when i was diagnosed at cancer it was suggested by my doctor that i go to the v.a. because the time of cancer that i had was directly related to exposure to agent orange and they are supposed to treat it i called the v.a. and said i would like to come by and get appointment in oncology come back in six or seven months. i went to johns hopkins and they operated and i'm alive today. i don't know if i would have been alive today. my wife is pretty happy that i got care by someone other than the v.a. the president can sign a writ that says effective immediately the next people hired by the v.a. will be veterans because veterans know how to take care of their own. number two, he could call in the fbi to start an investigation and protect the evidence that we undoubtedly know is being covered up or destroyed, removed number three this the president who could, if
4:15 pm
he really wanted to, make sure what we do from here on out from the hospitals actually gets treatment for veterans. how do you do that? you give the veteran a red, a white or a blue card that says i'm an american veteran. you can can take that card if it's red it's 100% disabled. if it's white it's 50%. if it's blew things that need to be done for this person. and take that to any medical facility. veterans administration. johns hopkins. georgetown medical and get treatment. that's what they really need to be doing. is he not doing any of it. >> and the question is, why? why isn't he doing it? that still hasy the to be answered. >> it's very simple it takes somebody who gives a dam. -- damn. >> you are right. thank you so much. special memorial day marathon with war stories with oliver north. 16 episodes that will air on fox business network this monday may 26th starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss it straight ahead, how will the v.a. scandal impact the obama
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presidency? our political panel is here next. plus, as millions of americans take to the skies this holiday weekend, frightening news of another near miss in the air. that's three, count them, three close calls for passenger jets in just weeks. so what is going on up there? the latest coming up. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. introducing at&t mobile share value plans... ...with our best-ever pricing for business.
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for weeks we have been reporting that veterans are dying while waiting for medical treatment. dozens of v.a. facilities nationwide are under investigation, but president obama waited until this week to talk publicly about the scandal. and he still has not fired v.a. secretary eric shinseki or held anyone else accountable. he says he is awaiting results of a v.a. policy review. how will this scandal impact the obama presidency? joining us now our political panel washington examiner chief correspondent byron york, the hill's managing editor bob cusack and jason reilly. i will start with you, jason, since you are sitting right across from me. i think this one could sting. i think this one could sting big. one it has to do with veterans. two local stories actually being covered in the local media and because this
4:21 pm
undermines his signature issue and that is healthcare. what do you think? >> i agree. i think it hurts him in a couple ways. to the extent it reinforces this perception that the president is a bad manager, i think it hurts. yes, they are coming off this disastrous obamacare rollout and here yet again is another scandal that shows the president looks like he is in over his head. i also think it hurts, as you said, with military and veteran folks. these are people who generally swing to the republicans. we have this midterm election coming up. it could further energize republican turnout. that's why you see democratic senators in red states like georgia and kentucky distancing themselves, calling for shinseki's resignation and so forth. they, too, think it could hurt them in the immediate future in november. >> byron, does it matter how much the media stays on this story? do you think if the media continues to stay on it will hurt president obama? that's the only way that this is going to maybe do some damage? >> oh, absolutely. if there is kind of immediate crusade on this,
4:22 pm
that's something the white house has to respond to, you know, back in january, after we saw what was happening with obamacare, quinnipiac poll found that 53% of americans did not really believe the president was up to the job of running the federal government. that number has got to be lower now. and it is because people have died in this, it is really at the very top of the importance scale. and the president has seemed tee attached and not terribly concerned about this. and the actions he has taken, that is ask for a study from secretary shinseki and sent a pretty anonymous white house official to phoenix to look into this, don't seem to be up to the problem. >> bob, why do you think it's taken the white house so long to respond to this particular issue? i know that they waited on the other ones because they saw them as being political and non-scandal, but this one involves veterans and dying veterans. why did they wait so long? >> andrea, it's a good question. a question a lot of democrats on capitol hill have been asking, where has
4:23 pm
the president been? why did it take so long? why desend out jay carney this week and on the sunday shows last week? it was his chief of staff. so, remember, president obama says he was going to change washington and has admitted that he hasn't changed washington, but he didn't change this part of washington. the v.a. been a problem under president bush? of course, there have been decades of government audit showing problems at the v.a. the president hasn't fixed the problem. i'm very surprised that shinseki is still here especially because this is going to be asked at every congressional debate that we have in these races. house and senate. these democrats can be put on the spot. do you think that shinseki should go? and that's why i think over the next couple of weeks he is not going to last. he runs interference for the president, doesn't he? >> to some extent, yes. he has the military brass in his corner saying that shinseki is not the problem. i think firing a few people even his high level folks like shinseki is letting the president and the congress off the hook too easily. that is not going to solve the problem.
4:24 pm
the v.a. needs fundamental reforms. i think that is a move towards privatization. what we are seeing these v.a. scandals is the future of obama care. the future of government run healthcare which inevitably runs into rations and that's what we have here at the root at the problem. rationed healthcare. in the short run we can do like colonel north said. can you give veterans vouchers. give them access to the civilian hospitals and doctors that the rest of us have access to but long term the v.a. needs much more fundamental reforms and that is moving entire system towards more private, making it more private market oriented. >> well, i don't think this debate is going away any time soon. byron, bob, jason, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> and from tornadoes to hail storms, we are seeing all kinds of weird weather this spring. so what can we expect for memorial day weekend? rick reichmuth is here with the holiday first alert forecast up next. plus, jerry jets on a coalition -- collision course, yes it happened
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if you are heading out of town this memorial day weekend. pack your patience. nine year high as more than 31 million americans are expected to hit the road and another a million taking to the air and the rails. so, what will the weather look like across the country? it is the biggest question at fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joins us now to tell us. rick? >> those lucky 36 million people who are traveling somewhere. it's good. for the most part things are pretty nice. what we are dealing with is the pattern we have had the last few days. we are kind of stuck in it. we have got very warm temperatures across the southeast. this pesky disturbance across the northeast will be with us through sunday. if you have seen some showers and thunderstorms get ready for some more of that then down here across parts of the southwest. this is our big weather maker bringing us scatter ited showers and thunderstorms across four corners. incredibly heavy rain across west texas. one of the problems severe weather as well. little bit tonight across
4:30 pm
the carolinas. but the next number of days all the severe weather is going to be here across west texas. so get ready for at times potentially some large hail. and some very strong winds with some of the rain. but i tell you what, across parts of west texas, it's incredibly dry. one of the worst droughts we have going on here. we need every bit of moisture we can get. we will get good port people generally wucket think you would want rain there for your memorial day weekend. west texas and western oklahoma you are happy this is the best news we could get and that's really the big trouble spot that they need that rain. >> they can have the rain from the northeast because it sounds like what you are saying is i can't put on my bikini until sunday? >> yeah. well, you can put it on. you just might have to dodge some clouds. monday though. monday across the northeast. >> monday, okay, good. rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> they are the millennial generation. so many young people skeptical of their government but also looking for a reason to get involved. griff jenkins spoke with
4:31 pm
millennials at a washington event sponsored by the national journal and the atlantic. >> there is this overwhelming assumption that millennials are narcissists that we only care about ourselves. millennials do care about giving back. millennials do care about volunteerism and flan pay, i believe that needs to be part of the national narrative. >> we have a strong sense of nationalism and community either serving the country abroad or serving your local community and serving on a school board. there is a great engagement level by the millennial generation and i hope to see the benefits of that in the coming years. >> they have been called the most domestic violence diverse generation in history and certainly the most wired. having come of age two wars and recession and debotched healthcare rollout they are skeptical of their government. group they call the millennials. >> we see a common frustration that we feel and that we see is reflected in so many parts of the country. >> congresswoman gabar.
4:32 pm
>> it is a democrat from ohio. >> people are not building those relationships that is focused on getting results. that's something that we're trying to bring back. to bring back in a way that looks to solve some of the challenges not in ways that will only effect us today but that really will effect us for the next generation to come. >> congressman aaron shock is a republican from illinois. >> young people are engaged like never before. it tells you young people understand the power of their vote. and it also is interesting to note that they're the least ideologically rigid. in other words, they are the least likely to associate with your political party. meaning they're less interested in a party platform and really more about solving problems and outcomes. >> according to harvard's institute of politics millennial's trust in public institutions is at a far year low and cynicism towards politics has never been higher. >> we definitely are skeptical of those in washington. i won't say that over the past couple of years i feel like millennials haven't ben
4:33 pm
engaged in the political process as much as they were in 2008. in 2008 we were asked for our dollars, can you can donate $3, $5, $10 in order to support political campaigns and political candidates. i would say recently we have been talked at. hey these are the issues you should care about. these are the issues that should matter to you. we haven't been engaged in the conversation. we haven't been engaged in the discussion. i feel like we haven't been offered a seat at the table. >> i think me myself like most of the generation wants to see some sort of result are. it doesn't matter what your personal view os an number of different issues will effect your campaign decisions and who you end up voting for in november. more importantly we want to see someone go to office be it at the state level or the national level to get something accomplished. i think the stagnation is really what has been a problem for the generation in that distrust of washington. >> great package by griff. >> millennials are among millions of americans taking to the skies this weekend. news about alarming number of close calls in the air. in just the last few weeks
4:34 pm
there have been at least three reports of passenger jets ending up on a collision course. the latest a near miss involving two united planes over houston. reporter randy wallace is live in houston with the latest. what's going on, randy? >> near disaster on the sky happened on may the 9th around 10:00 p.m. here at bush intercontinents airport in houston. at the time both planes involved had about 150 passengers on board. now, according to the federal aviation administration. united flight 601 destined for vancouver was on runway 9. united 437 was headed to mexico. after the flight to mexico was airborne, and air traffic controller reportedly told the vancouver flight to turn right instead of left. that error, the faa says, caused two planes to basically cross directly on top of each other within a second from impact. the air traffic controller
4:35 pm
quickly corrected the error to avoid a collision the approximately 300 passengers on the plane had no idea the collision almost happened. this is the is third near collision in weeks. on april the 22nd a pair of planes taking off and landing at the same time at new jersey's newark airport came within just 200 feet of colliding into each other. reporting live from bush interkant penalty airport in houston, randy wallace, fox news. >> all right, randy. okay, everyone. here's what's being hard out right now. nfl star ray rice is trending at this very moment. why you? may remember the surveillance video. the baltimore ravens running back seen dragging his apparently unconscious girlfriend out of a elevator after allegedly assaulting her. the twitter universe exploding press conference since the incident.
4:36 pm
>> and there was a lot of tears shed but me and janay can truly say we are in a better place. i failed miserably. but, i wouldn't call myself a failure. because i'm working my way back up. >> i do deeply regret the role that i played in the incident that night. but i can say that i am happy that we continue to work through it together and we are continuing to strengthen our relationship and our marriage and do what we he have to do for not -- >> that was the gist of the apology press conference. here are a few reaction tweets. nfl post writer tweets this is quite the self-pitying press conference by ray rice, pretty sad. the woman knocked out by ray rice in the elevator apologizes for her role in the incident? even jay-z and solange are outraged. and today is lucky penny day. "u.s.a. today" tweets find a penny, pick it up, it's lucky penny day. spread the good luck this by sharing pennies for other to find. if you see people throwing
4:37 pm
pennies on the ground or picking them up. that's exactly why. good luck and don't forget to pick that up penny if you see one over the weekend and don't forget to hash it out with us and greta use #greta on all your tweets and posts. directly ahead, is secretary of state john kerry getting ready to tell all about benghazi in the latest coming up. but, first, a pregnant woman sentenced to death just because she is a christian. her husband is desperately trying to save her life. he joins us from sudan next. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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right now a woman 8 months pregnant is shackled on death row in sudan. she is sentenced to flogging, and then execution. her alleged crimes refusing to give up her religion and marrying a christian man. now, the woman's husband is desperately trying to save his wife's life. he was recently allowed to visit her in prison and he spoke with greta van
4:42 pm
susteren from sudan. how is your wife? what's her condition? >> she is not good. she is supposed to go to hospital because when i visit her on thursday, she tell me that baby for two days don't move and also her water -- baby. my son, also -- as you know, prison is not a good place. >> now your wife has been sentenced to death executed because she is a christian or married to a christian. your 20 month old son is also in prison with her, right? >> yes. >> all right. now, you're a christian, right? >> i'm christian since i was born. >> if you were muslim or if she said she were muslim would her life be spared.
4:43 pm
>> i don't think she is going to recant. >> are you an american citizen or do you have some residency in america? >> yeah. i'm an american citizen. [inaudible] >> is the u.s. government, our state department helping new any way? >> no. i don't know. but when the case start on september i went to the embassy and tried to report. -- she don't have time. she don't want to listen to us. i tried to talk to her she won't listen go. to the u.n. your wife is not an american. >> we're married. you have to do something. even my son. she put process for watching the birth, put the process on hold.
4:44 pm
>> if your wife loses all of her appeals, when is it like she is executed. >> after two years. i hope she is not going to lose. >> what is the form of execution in sudan? hanging or stoning? >> hanging. >> what's your wife's state of mind? as she considers what's happening to her? >> she is not going to convert to islam. they can do whatever they want to do. she is still a christian. she is is a christian. >> are you safe? you are a christian. are you safe in sudan? why is she in prison and you are not? >> actually, after all the media show my picture, now even i'm in jail, i don't go out. if i'm going somewhere, i have to from my house where
4:45 pm
i'm going. >> what are the the conditions in the prison like? >> it's not good really. the condition in prison is not good. >> how pregnant is she? what month of her pregnancy? >> 8 months. >> so what's going to happen when the baby is born. >> she is going to feed the baby for two years. after that they are going to execute her. >> so the whole idea is that she can can be a mother for the child three years but at the end of three years. >> two years. >> two years. and at the end of two years they intend to execute her by hanging? >> yes. >> what can we do to help you? >> put a lot of pressure on the government. actually, i want to every support from human rights organization all [inaudible] for supporting me. >> and you can see more of greta's interview with
4:46 pm
daniel, just go to up next, we will take to you a place where america's veterans are remembered and honored each and every day. stay with us.
4:47 pm
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hundreds of thousands of american flags now standing at the resting places of u.s. service members. long tradition soldiers from the third infantry placed the flags at the grave sites and this year there is special meaning. 150th anniversary of arlington national cemetery. griff jenkins spoke with jack, argueton's new superintendent. >> this year marks the 150th anniversary of arlington national cemetery. it's a sacred place with a connection to history honoring those who have made
4:51 pm
the ultimate sacrifice. it's also a place where thousands come to pay tribute to the true meaning of memorial day, remembering our fallen heroes. ♪ ♪ allergyston national cemetery for 1450 years is where our nation has come to lay heros to rest. generals buried here. unique aspect buried side by side with the men they led. we also have the distinction of being national place that was put together in order to heal the wounds of the civil war. >> ever wonder who the first soldier was buried here? his name was private william chrisman of pennsylvania. >> he was buried on may 13th, 1864. and private chrisman was honored as we began the month long celebration of the 1 autoth anniversary of
4:52 pm
arlington national cemetery. >> when you come up to the tomb of the unknowns and sentinels out there 24 hours a day guarding to make sure that memory is not left behind that we remember that we had people shed their blood for this country who have h. gone out there and made the result ma mat sacrifice for our nation. it transcends what happens on a daily base -- basis and high ideals that make us american. >> family members and friends come from around the country to honor our veterans by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier like these school kids from indiana. >> what would you say to another 14-year-old who might be thinking about coming here to experience it? >> well, i would say come, because can you see all the people that have fought for your freedom and your independence as an american. >> i think it's just mostly like the experience of being
4:53 pm
here and learning about our past and just knowing what our veterans did for us and just what they did in serving for our country. >> you definitely should go and this weekend would be a good weekend to go. visitors are welcome seven days a week 365 days a year. coming up, dallas maverick owner mark cuban taking heat for comments that he made. now he is making an apology. but, for what? we will show you up next. capitato make it happen? that makes it real?
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
department offer two possible dates for kerry to appear. that appearance comes with conditions. the state department saying if kerry testifies for the oversight panel, there is no need for him to appear before the new select committee. and, late today, a federal judge ordering congressman john conniers to be put on the august primary ballot. the michigan democrat is seek his 26th term. state election officials had declared him ineligible for the ballot. that's because many of the signatures filed with ballot weren't collected by registered voters. detroit judge issuing injunction ordering conyers on to the ballot. and firefighters are battling a wildfire in a scenic arizona canyon. the slide fire has already burned more than is 1 square miles between sedona and flagstaff. firefighters expecting improving weather conditions to help them out over the next few days. and, dallas mavs owner mark cuban is apologizing to trayvon martin's family. cuban coming under fire about his comments about bigotry and prejudice during
4:59 pm
a recent interview. >> i mean, we are all prejudiced in one way or other. if i see a black kid in a hoody and it's late at night, i'm walking to the other side of the street. if i'm on that side of the street, there is a guy that has tattoos all over his i'me, white guy, bald head, walking back to the other side of the street. and the list goes on of stereotypes that we all live up to and are fearful of. >> now cuban tweeting in hindsight i should have used different examples. i didn't consider the trayvon martin's family. i apologize for that beyond apologizing to the martin family i stand behind the substance of the interview. that's it for "on the record" this week. don't forget war stories monday at 9 a.m. eastern on fox business network. be sure to tune in monday night 7 eastern right here
5:00 pm
for greta investigates mysterious disappearance of jennifer kessy. o'reilly factor up next. have a great weekend, everybody: good night. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> fasten your seat belts, dennis miller or vladimir putin, new jersey governor christie. >> i start wearing an orange cone on my head like i was the lead singer for devo. >> whip it. whip it good. >> jesse watters tries to find out what people think about the state of our country. >> cuba has communism and we have what? >> stress. >> we have stress? >> we have a lot of stress. >> he is the vice president. joe biden, yes. >> it's watters world meets miller time. caution, you are about to


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